Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

Well, kind of …

A recent commission was for a wedding invitation.

I’ve not worked on on one before and was eager to get started.

Invitation B2 - Evening smThe client wanted a patchwork of elements from the location, which was in York and we finalised the elements down to a signpost, the wedding location’s sign, the rose window from York Minster and … a rooster (I think that was a personal touch between the couple getting married. I didn’t ask!)

They also wanted to include some particularly idiosyncratic trees from the grounds of the wedding location. I tried to reshape the trees into a love heart motif for the centre of the invitation, but they ended up looking quite creepy. So, I instead stylised the trees more to great effect.

On the Save The Day card, the client wanted a snow effect – so I added in a snowflake border.

Invitation A2 smSo, I beetled away.

Only to discover that the client had been unable to contact me via my email address. That, for whatever reason, emails weren’t getting through to me.

Naturally anxious for the invitation and save-the-day cards to be ready in time the client approached a different artist for the works.

A book publisher was trying to get in touch with me at about the same time via email and those didn’t get through either.

All very mysterious. Everything seems to be working fine now.

[I’ve altered the names and dates on the invitation and save-the-day cards posted here]

Ah, well.

It’s all part of the learning process, I guess.

I’ve since added in my alternative email address into my correspondence with a client.


2 Comments on “Do I Hear Wedding Bells?”

  1. Faye Quinn says:

    Hi, I’ve recently been commissioned to do a wedding set, I just wanted to ask your advice on what to charge. I’m a second year illustration student so I know I can’t be charging professional prices. I’m waiting to find out how many place cards I’ll be doing, how would you work out a fair price for this type of thing?



  2. Pricing up for commissions is always tricky! I can’t give you a definitive price, I’m afraid – but you’ll certainly need to factor in how long the job takes you and the materials that you use. There’s a fine balance early on between not wanting to totally give your work away and taking the exposure into consideration; you never who’ll be there!
    If I were you I’d look around and try to find someone online; maybe Etsy (or some other online marketplace) would be a good place to look – and get a feel for what’s out there and what people pay for those kinds of services. Look for someone who’s producing something similar as your own work and pick a price that’s lower. If you join a professional art society might be able to advise (The Association of Illustrators, here in the UK, has a pricing survey on their website – but that’s mainly for professional commissions)
    Place cards – sounds like it’ll be a big job!
    Remember that weddings can be pricey affairs – and that they probably chose you because you’re a student and therefore cheaper! 🙂 As I wrote above though; as long as they’re pleased with the work and the price it could lead to further work down the line. I had a colleague at work who commissioned several cards and pictures, and I’ve just had a repeat commission from a restauranteur who’s redoing some signage.
    I hope this is helpful :/


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