Chambers – Toasted currant teacake

Chambers toasted teacake smThere was once a time, not so long ago, when I couldn’t resist the comforting delights of the toasted teacake on any trip out.

Can I just add in there that the teacake had to be a currant teacake (and current teacake)

Is toast the ultimate comfort food?

I know it comforts me to think that Caroline ISN’T sticking a knife into the toaster !

Many tears ago I wandered downstairs to find Caroline trying to extricate something from the toaster with a knife! Whilst it was still plugged in !!

“STOP!” I shouted!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” I continued!


Did Caroline thank me for saving her life? Saving her from being electrocuted at the hands of … her own hands?


“Don’t you shout at me!” I received for saving my wife’s life! (okay, potentially saving her life. Well I would argue that there would be a significant risk in sticking a knife into a plugged-in toaster!)

Ah, well!

(I’m sure Grace Darling and Mary Seacole received similar congratulations in their ministrative work)

Anyway, as I said. I think toast is the greatest comfort food

Although I’m not entirely convinced that I’ve given a suitable example today of the calming and soothing effects of taste products.


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