Thai Style – a surprising meal

Cafe Thai - birthday meal smSo, going out to the Royal Ballet was one of my birthday gifts. When it was my actual birthday we went out as a family for a meal.

We’d heard good things about Thai Style, in Halifax. It had recently moved. To a rather less attractive looking location; Skirting the bottom of a block of flats, the sixties block building was perched over part of the rind road around the town. A far cry from its large picture window offering inviting views of the interior. Now, it looked decidedly unattractive.

This is one of my favourite things, though.

That moment, and it might not come suddenly, it might be a slow dawning.

That moment when either you, or your party, realise that you’ve stumbled across a rather special restaurant. (A quick glance at the menu tells us that the head chef has worked in several 5-star hotels in Thailand.

The food was fresh and authentic and utterly delicious.

Well worth our visit.

The only down-side to our meal; was Lucy desperately trying to prevent me from drawing my Kha Nom pudding (a baked custard pudding, a bit like creme brûlée ). As I tried to draw she was putting her hand or the menu in the way. Then, when I wanted to check the menu for the spelling of the dish, she sat on the menu. Sometimes, dining out with family can be wonderful.


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