“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon

Creativity - Show your work smAustin’s first book, “Steal Like an Artist”, looked at the fundamental How of being creative.

This book looks at the How of sharing that creativity and, perhaps, maybe, getting discovered (Like that rare lump of gold that you know you are!)

Once again, this is a book about being brave. If you’ve read Austin’s first book then you’re braved your inner voice to work on your own creativity. Now you can give that nagging inner voice something new to nag you about, by displaying your creative work to the wider, world-wide, audience.

Austin doesn’t give specific examples of which platforms to use. But, then, that’s not the point of the book. Austin’s not concerned whether you use Twitter or tumbr, hashtags or Myspace (and, yes, I did choose Myspace on purpose!) He’s more concerned with getting the reader into the right frame of mind. You want to share your creativity, properly share your work to world, then you’re going to have to face that inner voice again, this time on the world’s stage.

Untitled-1Untitled-2So, Austin’s next set of Ten Things;

1. You don’t have to be a genius – Instead; tap into the creative group

2. Think process. Not product – Share your creative process with others

3. Share something small every day – Sending out a daily dispatch

4. Open up your cabinet of curiosities – Don’t hoard, share.

show-your-work-list-poster-760px-500x6655. Tell good stories – Don’t expect your work to speak for itself.

6. Teach what you know – Share your trade secrets.

7. Don’t turn into human spam – Don’t turn into a name to be traded up – you need to be involved in the communities you fly with

8. Learn to take a punch – Be ready to take the goo, the bad and the ugly comments once your work is out there in the world.

9. Sell out – Don’t starve to death because of pride or because of the Romantic notion of ‘the starving artist’

10. Stick around – There will be ups and downs – don’t desert your carnival stall, just because there are a few less customers at the moment.

(Now, I know some of my chapter explanations are a little bit wishy-washy, but I don’t want to give Austin’s whole book away. As I wrote about his previous book “Steal Like an Artist” Austin writes in such an easy going, matter of fact and downright down to Earth way that one cannot help but be bowled over by his logic)


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