The High Park – Burger No.4

High park no4 smSo, Lucy and I ordered our meals – I opted for this burger combination form the Build-Your-Own-Burger menu, while Lucy opted for a chicken burger.

As we waited we challenged each other to come up with meal combinations from the menu for different characters. Trying to find food that had a connection with a real or fictional character.

(At first we started just choosing things from the Build-Your_Own-Burger menu, but quickly started picking items from the whole menu)

For example:

What would Cinderella order of she came here? Pumpkin soup starter and Meatballs (meat-balls!) and Spaghetti for her main course.

What would Ariel, the Little Mermaid, choose? Crab Pate  starter and then Calamari (which she would eat with a fork!)



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