Stadium meal – I’m sorry, what was that?

Stadium - school smY’know I’m really tempted to say that this Stadium has changed it’s name more times than I’ve had hot dinners, but we all know that’s not possible!

One of my problems with going out for a meal (Yes, I know that sounds like an anachronism from someone who clearly enjoys eating out, but bear with me here). As I was saying, one of my problems when I go out for a meal is the additional ambient noise at the venue.

While I wouldn’t consider myself to be actually deaf, or even hard or hearing, some places that we eat out at do seem to be noisier than others. Actually, it’s not even the noise level that’s the problem. My problem is the level of the ambient chatter. Some places seem to muffle this somehow, whether it be with drapes, partition walls or witchcraft. And then some places make it difficult to comprehend what others on the table are saying, purely because nearby conversations are so clear and unimpeded.

The party at the Stadium was one such venue – it was very difficult to hear others around the table, so I only had the people on either side of me to talk to.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I started sketching my meals out, to be honest. I’d eaten out so many times and felt excluded from the conversation. Not because the rest of the group had sent me to Coventry, but because I could hear for the ambient noise around me.

Is to do with the design of these places? Maybe they encourage heightened ambient noise because it makes there venue seems lively and awash with chatter?

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