High Park – Build Your Own Burger

High park burger smI’m not sure that this is what Caroline had in mind when she told me that I had to sort out Lucy’s tea for her.

It is sometimes a little too convenient having a gastro-pub just across the road.

We had fun building our own burgers.

It’s great being able to have a little control of putting it together. A gastronomic construction kit.

I’d like to see a bit choice in there to be honest. Hey, we’re in Yorkshire, so why not, say black pudding (A baked blood sausage). Why isn’t there a more fish-orientated patty? Or some more eastern-orientated sauces, such as teriyaki or hoisin.

I’d love to be able to build my own Mexican themed burger, or Indian curry themed burger.

I vote for more options on the “Build Your Own …” menu –  so they can go off into very esoteric, and idiosyncratic, directions. All Lucy came up with were pretty similar burgers to ones we’d had in other places. While it was fun having a bit of control, it would have been even cooler to have been able to create something with a more unique feel.


2 Comments on “High Park – Build Your Own Burger”

  1. I agree, more choice would be nice!


  2. High park says:

    Although we are not completely in control of our menus we can pass these comments on to our marketing, but for now why not ask any of our staff about other toppings they will be happy to help


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