Shopping channels

4631910142_ba80acf6d9_o So, I’ve  never much been into this whole, online shopping thing. Okay, I’ll admit I love the idea buying stuff from overseas.

Stuff that you can’t find locally!

Rare items and .. well, things that just aren’t available locally.

I guess that’s the real lure of the internet; being able to purchase globally.

Now, I’ve always been a bit loath to setting up an online Etsy shop with tea towels and notebooks and the like …  but needs must, I guess! And I suppose it would be pretty cool to have some physical products connected with my illustrations.

2 Comments on “Shopping channels”

  1. redharparts says:

    Lovely sketch.

    Redbubble or even CafePress do a better job of putting images on products. If you use Etsy, you have to have them made elsewhere. When I had an Etsy shop, all items had to be either vintage, supplies or crafts one made oneself. I’ve heard they’ve expanded their policy.


  2. Thanks for the tip redharparts. I guess I just need to produce a little something just to test the market. I guess like a lot of creatives; I’m a creative (in my case a sketcher/illustrator), rather than a product designer.


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