The Real Junk Food Project

A couple of weeks ago a friend was telling me about a cafe in Leeds, which only takes it’s raw supplies from local supermarkets and restaurants.

It’s called The Real Junk Food Project. It was set up by chef Adam Smith, following a similar revelatory experience in Australia. It only takes supplies which are to be discarded, thrown away and sent to plan-fill sites. And, in return, food is paid for on a Pay What You Fell system (PWYF). As a result the cafe is spearheading the reclamation of conglomerate food down to those who need it the most.

As a result it’s day-to-day menu changes as the supplies which are donated are received.

At the moment the is also located within Leeds Trinity Kitchen’s (which have a series of fixed eating areas, as well as locations which are provided for pop-up eateries.

I popped along last Thursday to sample the food myself.

TRJFP smI had Spaghetti Carbonara with Sausage (and, although I drew the Cycle-Your-Own-Smoothie, I did not take advantage of that wonderful opportunity! I know, you must be up in arms! I passed up the opportunity to pedal, madly, away to mix up a smoothie affixed to the back of a bicycle!)

I didn’t need to pay £5 for my lunch that day, but there are those who dine here who can’t afford bread. The Real Junk Food Project provides affordable for … we, everyone. With dishes varying everyday.It’s a wonderful way to both strike a blow against and celebrate our consumerist society, by supporting a project which takes the unwanted and produces delicious, nutritious and appealing dishes.

Now, you know that I love food (heck, I even draw the stuff sometimes!) I can’t think of any more deserving project which ought to succeed, as this.


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