Brighouse – Some pubs


The Robin Hood - smallLet’s go back in time to 2011! –

Would I do these building portraits differently now? Probably.

It kinda upset me when this pub closed down – it’s one of the few town pubs with character outside and inside.

Well, not anymore!

It’s also one of the pubs that I sketched totally on site – for this one I sat on a BUSY! roundabout. All the time tensed up about a car or lorry beeping their horn at me and making me jump!

One of the things I truly love about working in ink and watercolour  is the joy of getting things right! in this case I was particularly pleased with the hatching marks on the road.

No pencil! Straight in there with there with the ink pen!


The Star

The Star, ironically, was another pub that I sketched entirely on site.


Both of these picture recall happy memories sitting on  my little stool beside the road.

A I drew this pub, the owner came out and asked if he could have a copy of the illustration.

Once I ‘d finished with the illustration in the exhibition – There was a new owner who wasn’t interested … and now there isn’t any owner at all


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