Eating Inn – Building my own burger

It’s lovely living just opposite a pub.

Eating Inn - Burger smWell, I say ‘pub’, but really I should say gastro-pub, which is what a lot of traditional old pubs have been adapted into to survive. Long gone are the days of pubs being crammed with burly working men after a hard days work. Nowadays one is more likely to see suits and ties, than flat caps and cigarettes.

Many of the pubs in central Brighouse, near where I live, have either recently closed or been transformed into something more than just a pub. A few years ago I draw about fifteen of the pubs in central Brighouse; it would interesting to revisit and see how many still resemble the slightly run-down interiors which they had back then.

I can think of at least two which have been transformed into either restaurants or gastro-pubs and at least two which have closed totally. The surviving numbers have had refits and change-overs in staff to try to tempt more people in.

Mind you, the pub across the road was built as a gastro-pub.

It’s got a pretty good vibe going on; the menu changes every so often and the staff are always bright and friendly. Now and again I even pop in for a drink on my own; something I would even have considered doing before I started drawing again.

It also makes for a very convenient stop-off for Lucy and I when Caroline’s working away and we want a quick and easy bite to eat. Today was a bit snowy and we voted as a family to trudge across the road for the cosy fire and meeting up with friends who live round the corner.

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