Beamish – Fish and Chips

Beamish iBeamish - fish and chips sms a wonderful, open-air museum in the North of England.

Wonderful because it covers 300 acres of land. It is possible to hop on a tram to take you round to the different places, but we often prefer to walk around – a fantastic day out.

There is a whole, early 1900s, mining village and colliery, for example; complete with school, shops, church and Davy’s Fish and Chip shop – which serves beef dripping fried fish and chips from coal heated fryers. Served in paper cones and eaten with your fingers. Delicious. And well, worth the queue!


There’s another section that has a complete farm.

There’s a Victorian town; with dentist, bank and other shops, including a bakery serving bread and an ice-cream parlour and a pub. (In fact on a trip here with friends, some years ago, we pooped into the pub and totally lost track of time. By the time we’d had a couple of pints and stepped back into the Victorian Town we’d totally forgotten we were in a museum)

It’s very easy to get swept up in this historical museum. And very easy to spend a day at the fairground, or visiting the country mansion.

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