Two soups!

01 - Seasons Cafe smA couple of years ago I tried drawing my soup-lunch.

I tried drawing it from the side; a bit like a cut-away drawing, with the components bobbing about inside.

(I ignored the stares of the other customers as I diligently hauled out individual bits of my meal and dragged them onto my side plate to draw them.

Don’t get me wrong …



I just haven’t found a good way to sketch it for my food drawings, yet.

Okay, I know, two drawings is hardly a comprehensive exploration of soup drawing! But, to be be honest, I’m not really sure where it could be taken myself.

It’s very rarely dressed when it is delivered to table and the bowl is really just a bowl of coloured liquid (with bits if you’re lucky)

I’m really quite curious how I could dazzle the illustration up to make soup look as exciting as it actually tastes.

This is the reason that I’ve only attempted to draw soup twice, all the the time I’ve been illustrating my meals out.

This second time was as we were returning from Northumberland, when we popped in to Belsay Hall.

I thought I’d try the ‘easy’ option for once. (Now I put easy in inverted commas, because by easy … I really do mean easy, which in actual fact, in drawing terms is not the best.

To just draw ‘easy’ all the time is not going to make you a better drawer/painter or illustrator. I could draw pictures of boiled eggs to my hearts content, but it’s not going to make me good at drawing anything other than ellipses!)


Belsay Hall sm

One Comment on “Two soups!”

  1. I really like the ‘dissected’ drawing


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