Sketchcrawl at a Hat Museum

01-10 - rabbit smWell, you can tell by the title that I was on a Sketchcrawl – Urban Sketchers Yorkshire – that lovely bunch of drawers from Sheffield and Manchester. It was great meeting up with friends old and new and catching up on techniques and materials that, had I been working solely on my own, I’d have taken an age to come up with. (Check it out to see if there’s an urban sketching group near where you live – I can’t give a we address, I don’t know where you live! But I’m sure, if you check around, there’ll be some group, or other, that meets up every-so-often to sketch outdoors as a group. The groups are always friendly and it truly is a great way to discover new techniques and materials!)

It sometimes feels that there are three sureties in the world; birth, death and I will find some kind of food to draw.

Who else on today’s Sketchcrawl … IN A MUSEUM OF HATS! found something to draw that they could eat?

Who knew that rabbit fur was used to make top hats!? Well, I didn’t!

To be fair, I didn’t eat the rabbit. It was in a glass case, for a start. And it was definitely stuffed (which I was not!) along with a Beaver which was in the cabinet beside it – the Beaver looked rather dustier (and I don’t know any recipes – so, it didn’t get my mouth watering!)

Drawing farm animals for the forthcoming book by The AA has renewed my interest in drawing animals. There’s something appealing about drawing simple lines to convey life and alertness. And fur! Especially tricky when I’m only using vertical hatching!

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