“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”

I love the Romantic style of painting.

Caspar David Friedrich being my favourite Romantic painter.

Day 7 - Favourite painting smIt was a close run thing between this painting, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, and The Sea of Ice. However this particular painting speaks close to my heart.

Is the wanderer gazing into his future?

Is he gazing out with clarity at the foggy, hidden world below him, after rising about the clouds on his walk?

An interesting choice for me at this moment in time. Having recently quit full-time teaching and signed up to supply teaching I really do feel that I have clambered above a fog and am gazing out at new possibilities. That’s why I’ve drawn the figure more like myself than the figure in the original.

Supply teaching means that my evenings and weekends are freed up a lot more to pursue illustration work.

So, just like the figure in the painting I feel like I’m on a bit of an adventure. I’ve never felt, whilst teaching full-time, that I could truly embrace my drawing work. But, now, I can devote a bit more time in the evening and at weekends to things that matter to me; both family and drawing work.

Funny, because I hadn’t really considered the implications of this painting when I chose to illustrate it.

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