I have never met this dog

This was originaldog smlay part of a spread for Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine.

I do not know this dog.

(I do not want to eat him – I’m just getting that in before someone posts about me always drawing food!)

As a parent your child is … everything.

Lucy’s eczema is not debilitating like some kind of dietary disorder, but affects her in so many ways.

At the moment a pet dog or cat is just soon out of the question!

It’s settling down somewhat, but I still remember that ballet show where she stood in the middle of the stage, just scratching at herself! Heartbreaking to see your seven-year-old daughter transfixed from a performance like that.

We’d love a cat – Lucy constantly talks about it (I’m the one who’d like a dog! Miniature Schnauzers were the dog of my childhood (first Mr Chips and then Finlay, ah Finlay!))

It would be so cool to let Lucy have that pet experience! But It’d just send her skin sky-rocketing.

We’ve had goldfish (Boy! Are they exciting!) – Goldy, Goldy II and Tangerine.

To those pet-owners out there – we relish the love that your spirit animal brings to your home.

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