“Hamburger Gourmet” by David Japy, Elodie Rambaud and Victor Garnier

15 - Hamburger Gourmet smI haven’t really written anything of cookery books here before, so please bear with me.

I am attracted to the idea of the burger. Not the franchised rubbish at the fast food outlets. I mean, that I like the idea they could be so much more than people generally take them credit for currently.

A burger is essentially a warm sandwich, and look where the humble sandwich has travelled and it’s many different forms and guises.

This book isn’t simple a re-hashing of The Burger as ‘The Great American Fast Food’. Instead it is reinventing the burger form into something more global. Not surprising that it is an internationally, rather than American, based restaurant, Blend (in Paris), which has developed recipes which somehow seem more international and, yes, gourmet.

This isn’t to say that ingredients have been gourmet-ed up. On the contrary, the ingredients are all accessible and down to Earth. It’s their execution that raises the bar of this particular recipe book.

The majority of the burger patty recipes are 100% meat and nothing else (excepting salt), which is a novel change, and go from the usual beef and pork to lamb, veal, salmon and cod (and the rest).

As I’ve said, sauces are simple and easily made. (The only spice I’d not heard of was ‘Ras el-hanout’, which sounds Middle-Eastern and can be very easily mixed; cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, black peppercorns, turmeric and saffron.

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