Glenlivet Whisky

Whisky glasses sm

No-one could accuse the illustrator’s life as being a glamorous one.

Well, certainly not for the likes of my illustration work.

Our house is very much part of the urban sprawl of a mid-sized Northern city.

I don’t have glamorous views of the rolling English countryside, nor the bright lights of exciting cityscapes to look out upon. (Although, if I stand on my chair I can look through the skylight at the putting green of the golf course which runs behind our row of houses)

It’s pretty cool to get out and draw en plain air, when the season allows. Remember; I’m up in the North of England and outdoor drawing is pretty much confined to months between April and September (I still haven’t found the perfect pair of insulated, thin gloves to allow longer stints of outdoor, cold drawing. Thick gloves just don’t cut it)

December’s Magazine drawing (Camping and Caravanning Club) was of Whisky. Glenlivet Whisky to be more exact.

Working from references photographs had to work for me in this instance.

It would have been pretty super to have had a trip up to the distillery for some on site drawing.

But, instead I got to sit in my loft studio, listening to my iTunes playlists as I drew.

Ah, well. What a glamorous life I lead (sigh!)



I’ve noticed a little bit of change in my style over the last month or so (Sometimes the illustrations I post here are a little out of sync, so it might not be as obvious to you)

I’ve noticed an inclination to use mainly vertical lines for hatching, rather using four or more different hatching angles. I think this illustration has more vertical-only hatching than I usually do.

Distillary sm

3 Comments on “Glenlivet Whisky”

  1. I do notice the slight shift. Beautiful as always, though!


  2. Thanks, chuck 🙂


  3. Some really nice artwork! I appreciate the subject matter, obviously ;D
    Keep on waffling,


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