Flavour Full Stop

For Christmas this year Caroline and I bought each other experiences and edibles.

One of the gifts I got Caroline was a three-month subscription to an artisan food box, from a website called Flavour Full Stop.

Each month they send out a selection of six artisan food products sourced in the UK and roughly built around a theme.

We both like artisan products and I thought it would be a fun way to try some new and different products from those we can pick up at our local farm shops and delicatessens.

Our first package arrived yesterday and, as Caroline predicted, it was based around detoxing after New Years celebrations.

Flavour Full Stop - Jan smPomegranate Ketchup – by Phatbreads – This has a delightful see and sour flavour a little bit like a chutney.

Hibiscus Syrup – by Syrup Junkie – Used for making cocktails; alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Ginger Tingle Fruit Cake – by Tipple Tails – This has a recommended accompaniment of blue cheese. Delicious!

Easy Thai Green Curry Paste – by The Coconut Kitchen – Which also has a recipe connected with it on The Flavour Full Stop website.

Goji and Orange Dark Chocolate  – by Daisy and Dam – Chocolate with berries in  – yummy!

Tamarind Chipotle Flavour Jerky – by Big T’s Jerky – Gotta love the jerky.

Flavour Full Stop - JanB smThese came with a neat little booklet explaining each of the products, where in the country they have been produced


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  1. Happy New Year Matthew!

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