Will draw for … spoons

Everyone has a price, they say.

And it appears that mine is a wooden spoon.

A couple of weeks ago one of my Cyber Friends on Facebook, Josh Sutton (also known as The Guyrope Gourmet, posted the following picture of a series of spoons that he’d carved.

10801876_10152828548960266_4302679538659616382_nI thought these looked so quirky and authentic that I asked Josh if he’d carve a spoon for me.

The price?

Josh decided he’d like a sketch doing of his coffee grinder.

or rather;

a Harrio MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim coffee grinder and a few coffee beans scattered around. To be exact.

So, while Josh carved, I drew.



Until finally exchanges were made.


IMG_4720coffee grinder sm

Now, Josh maintains that he got the best deal out of the swap and, guess what? I think I got the best deal.

But, isn’t that the whole point of the bartering system? Both parties are satisfied with their trophies. Josh has a drawing of a beloved coffee grinder. I have a unique and bespoke oak wooden spoon (which I know Josh cut down in his garden and carved from scratch). Both of us trading off and benefiting from each others skills.


and finally, here’s my wooden spoon being christened whilst preparing homemade teriyaki sauce.



I would be willing to exchange drawings for other bespoke gifts. Please contact me at the above contact details and we’ll come to some arrangement.



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