The Bivouac – Sticky Toffee Pudding

You know,when you see it on the menu, that it’s going to set your mouth watering even before the starters have finished being ordered.

You know that it is going to be the fulfilment  of your evening meal.


The Bivouac - Sticky toffee pudding smYou complete your main course, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing now between you and your own slice of eden.

You wait.

And you wait.

And then, in a flurry, it arrives.

For the briefest of moments you gaze it it, glistening on the plate before you. You glance up and see envy the eyes of the forgotten companions at the table. you have only one companion now.

And the then the warm scent of toffee envelopes you. Your tastebuds gasp.

With slightly trembling fingers you reach for the fork and, touching it against the soft sponge, press down.

The sponge gives slightly as the fork plunges down.

Hitting into the plate you push the soft sponge over to bathe in the cool cream, then nudging it into the warm and sticky pool of toffee sauce.

Then you edge it onto your fork.

It is time.

You have waited the whole meal for this.

All eyes at the table are devouring this delicate morsel as it is raised to your mouth. For this piece of deliciousness is for you alone.

You open your mouth and draw it in.

Your senses are exploded by the long-cherished sweet; the softness of the sponge, the sticky toffee sauce dribbling warmly down your throat, the counter notes of the cream.

And the flavours.

The flavours.

For those briefest of moments you are swept away and table, and companions are lost to as you give in to the dark mother.

5 Comments on “The Bivouac – Sticky Toffee Pudding”

  1. miatagrrl says:

    Wow! Nice sketch, too!

    – Tina


  2. dosirakbento says:

    hmm, you now make me want sticky toffee pudding!


  3. Oh, yeh!
    (I have to admit we went out for a meal with friends yesterday evening and I had to some myself!)


  4. andmorefood says:

    a poet, and an artist?! I LOVE sticky pudding. everything about it makes me order it – though sometimes it’s a race against willpower time to shoot the right photo before all the ice cream melts 😀


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