Kew Gardens – Hot dog

We’re staying over at a hotel at Kew, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit The Royal Botanical Gardens.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and although the car park was packed, the gardens themselves were fairly crowd free; attesting to their grand scale.

Kew - Hot dog smLucy and I enjoyed a hot dog snack on one of the lawns beside a path and we watched passersby … er … pass by.

Unfortunately we didn’t visit any of the justifiably impressive glass houses. But Lucy and Caroline did visit Kew Palace.

My regular Sketchcrawl group were having a meet up today where they were practicing putting paint on their paper before marking in the lines, so I thought I’d join in whilst my family sauntered round the palace.

Kew Palace smI sat with my back to a sundial and quickly sketched.


Luckily it was a bright, sunny day – so my paint dried quickly enough for me to start drawing in the palace’s many, many windows.

One Comment on “Kew Gardens – Hot dog”

  1. dosirakbento says:

    I love Kew Gardens, so much to see. And equally nice on a sunny or rainy day, plus when it’s cold, the glass houses are a great place to warm up.
    Nice that you had a sunny day for your visit, looks like you are enjoying your holiday 🙂

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