“Ignore Everybody” by Hugh Macleod

Ignore Everbody smThis book is a light, but perceptive, look at what makes someone successfully creative. What little trials and difficulties may come in the way of the artists struggle to create. What What conflicts might cross their path and what internal problems might an artist have as they strive to create.

The book is written for the artist who wishes to turn their art into a product, the artist who wants to have a saleable product.

Whilst Hugh doesn’t give finite answers to what successful art looks like, he does give sage advice about ideas and originality, about others’ reaction to your art and keeping true to oneself.

It is divided into 40 short chapter of about 1 or 2 pages each:



40 Chapters


It was quite an easy read and Hugh’s wit and joy rang out in every page. Along with examples of his unique business-card art.


Different creatives will find insight from different chapters and all the chapters hold wisdom whether you are starting out or already create.


All in all this book has some very clear food for thought.

159 pages


Want to find out more? 

Hugh Macleod’s blog: The Gaping Void

One Comment on ““Ignore Everybody” by Hugh Macleod”

  1. […] creative with limitations, using those limitations to your advantage. In the equally good book by Hugh Macleod, “Ignore Everybody”, Hugh reminds us that [No.23] nobody else cares about your passions, so you have to be the one to […]


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