“Urban Sketchers Singapore”

6334127896_eedb1eed48_oThe Urban Sketching scene in Singapore does seem to be particularly vibrant and I have to say, because of that; this book just blows my mind.

It’s a collection of various Urban Sketchers who draw Singapore; including, but in no way exclusively, Don Low and Tia Boon Sim.
There are about 37 artists featured in total.

This really is a feast for the eyes. The book is practically text free, allowing the urban sketches of different areas around Singapore to speak for themselves.
If you love sketching and urban sketching in particular then this is such a wonderful book; plenty of styles and techniques on show.

Urban Sketchers Singapore 1

Urban Sketchers Singapore 2

Urban Sketchers Singapore 3


248 pages

Want to find out more? 

The Urban Sketchers Singapore website

The main Urban Sketchers website

2 Comments on ““Urban Sketchers Singapore””

  1. andmorefood says:

    I love this! Singapore is so underrated for the arts!


  2. Unfortunately I’ve only been once (As part of my honeymoon trip) and we were only there a couple of days before moving on. It looked fabulous though. I would love to be able to take an extended holiday out to Singapore. Or Hong kong. Or Vietnam . Or … gosh … just love the far east. I’ve got a friend who has just moved out to Hong kong and I am very jealous of the culinary delights he is enjoying :/


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