Sketchbooks – Moleskine

Sketchbooks, much like other materials that I use, came about as favourites purely by trial and error.
Well, actually I have to admit, not entirely.
I realise that many people prefer spiral bound sketchbooks, but I prefer hard bound. Which, unfortunately, makes finding a decent sketchbook Materials - Sketchbooks - Moleskine sm(which can lie flat whilst open) nigh on impossible.

Moleskine produces a Watercolour Notebook, which has 72 pages of archive quality (fairly) stiff paper. But only comes in landscape format. Goodness only knows why this is so, there certainly seems to be enough of a market for a portrait version of this notebook. But I fear that it is merely to distinguish this notebook from the Sketch Notebook (Which conversely, only comes in portrait, but which has smooth, ivory pages – rather too smooth to take watercolour)

The paper takes paint well and has a nice tooth for pen work.
I particularly like the versatility of the Watercolour Notebook which, when opened fully, gives a possible canvas of 41cm x 13cm (Actually I’ve recently been adapting the pages to add an extra fold out leaf to give me a 61cm width!)
It’s also fairly easy to turn 90 to work in portrait. (Although a portrait-orientated Notebook could give a canvas size of 20cm x 26cm – which would be fun)

Liz Steel recently road tested Moleskine’s newer model of their Watercolour Notebook
Read her review Here.

This is the third part of my travels through my sketching kit. Read about the other bits at these links:

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4 Comments on “Sketchbooks – Moleskine”

  1. dosirakbento says:

    I love the moleskin products, especially their small notebooks. They now have a shop in London and when you buy sonething they put it in this pretty ‘moleskin themed’ paper bag.


  2. Now, that I did not know – I will definitely have to check this shop out the next time I visit London. Another opportunity to put forward the case for a Portrait-orientated Watercolour Notebook 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. andmorefood says:

    love moleskine! such fancy, expensive stationery.


  4. I know! I was really reluctant to like them – I thought that people just liked them because of the name … how wrong I was – I love my Moleskine Watercolour Notebooks. Apparently the latest editions have slightly different paper. Have you read Liz Steel’s assessment of the old and new papers? It is very interesting .


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