These certainly are a valuable addition to any painters outdoor kit. Eliminating the need for cumbersome and fiddly pots of water whilst working out of studio.

Materials - Brushes - waterbrush smThey provide convenience and ease; only requiring a slight squeeze of the handle to express water from the bristles.
Cleaning the brushes is just as easy – squeezing the reservoir and wiping the brush head with a tissue.

Many companies produce these handy devices now, but I would recommend finding ones with a filter behind the nib – to stop colour washing back into the reservoir (Although i know of some artists who actually prefer the colour to wash back into the reservoir!)

The brand I currently use is by Kuretake.

They are available in Fine, Medium, Large and Broad heads and being fairly cheap it’s useful to have all four types.

One thing that I find particularly useful is that, carrying all four water brushes means that should you empty one water brush reservoir it’s fairly strait forward to swap reservoirs with one of the others.


This is the second part of my review of my Sketchkit materials.

Read about my Pens here.

One Comment on “Waterbrush”

  1. Alissa Duke says:

    Lovely sketch of your waterbrushes. I also use Kuretake in medium size. I also like the filter as it slows down the water release and it gives me more control.But, as you say many people like to use lots of water.
    I could not find Kuretake recently and bought a Tim Holz one which I have not used yet…


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