The Tripp and Shack – Trio of mini burgers

As I wrote yesterday; I’m not a huge fan of sweet. I much prefer savoury.

There does seem to be a trend towards serving mini burger trios at the moment.

Now, regular readers will know that burgers are one of my favourite treats (All those naughty, naughty carbs!)

Tripp and Shack - Mini burgers smThe trio of mini [insert food of choice] allows us to indulge in a variety. Far more satisfying, I think, than trying to choose an individual favourite dish, we are able to have the best of three worlds.

Todays illustration is from The Tripp and Shack. Which is the fabulous outdoor eating area at The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch.

The gastro-pub close to my home; at the moment offers a ‘Build your own burger’ choice on the menu. With four different kinds of burger , fourteen additional salad and extras, six different sauces. Each time I go I intend to put together a combination that I haven’t tried before. Which is fun, but so much better if mini burgers were involved.

Actually, it’s just occurred to me, why not serve the whole selection, with the burgers and the buns as mini versions.

This would allow the customer to customise on the fly and create their own recipes. A bit too wasteful, I suppose, although the amounts of each item could be limited to force customers to use all of their ingredients.


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