The Pear Tree – Sandwich

A light (and wholly vegetarian) sandwich at this quaint little village cafe in Derbyshire.


The pear tree - sandwich smMenus and menu boards hold a peculiar fascination for me (I wonder why!?)

More in their design and organisation than their actual contents, though. I’m fascinated by the way that some restaurants and cafes organise the various options available to the customers.

I suppose this figures more for cafes which offer a selection of different sandwich options, for example. There being so many different combinations available. The Harland Cafe in Sheffield had a most interesting menu board; allowing customers to close from breads and a variety of fillings to create their own sandwich. And I suppose Subway aims to allow their customers a similar range of choices.

It would be an interesting task to design a customer friendly menu offering as wide a range of components as possible.


2 Comments on “The Pear Tree – Sandwich”

  1. JOAN says:

    I have the same menu/menu board fascination. I’ve been a foodie all my life, love to visit new places to sample the fares. But I can assure you, Subway is not nearly so quaint & charming & a big turnoff for me was learning that an additive in the bread rolls was the same plastic used in yoga mats…uh, no thank you.!
    Your rendering of your lunch is great. I’ve never had a roasted red pepper sandwich. I’ll put that on my list of foods to try out.


  2. I know Subway isn’t great – but I do like the idea of having choices to construct your own sandwich. Plastic additives don’t sound tasty, in any ‘Wich concoction!


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