Dukes 92 – Burger

Dukes 92 - Burger smOut in Manchester on a Sketchcrawl.

If you’ve not heard of this before, a Sketchcrawl is where a group of artists meet up and draw. Usually on location and usually for a few hours, perhaps even for the whole day. Several different locations are used and participants can draw, sketch or paint however and whatever they want to do. At the end of the time the group usually meets up and we share sketchbooks. Actually we share sketchbooks and ideas and try each others’ materials as well.

It’s a fabulous way to spend a day, or part thereof. A wonderful opportunity to make new friends and learn from masters in their craft.

For example, Urban Sketchers Yorkshire boasts two noteworthy artists;

Lynne Chapman, is a children’s book writer and illustrator, and produces wonderful pencil sketches of people and scenes.

Andrea Joseph, produces the most intricately detailed drawings using biro’s as her main medium.

If you enjoy sketching, or drawing, or painting check out your favourite search engine for a local Sketchcrawl group

or check out the main Sketchcrawl website.

or the Urban Sketchers

All levels of ability are welcomed and you’re sure to make good friends, learn some new techniques and look odd standing on a street corner drawing or painting.

If you have enjoyed this post of the illustration, please feel free to share it in the social media of your choice.

Thank you


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