Coffee on the Bean – Pastrami sandwich

Focussing on drawing my meals out has certainly opened my eyes to many eating habits and foodie choices.

Strangely, though, one things I love to do, which mixes this up, is something I’ve actually done for years, long before I started drawing again.

My default position on sandwiches would probably be ham and cheese, I guess; perfect combinations

Sometimes I just need a second opinion …

Years ago, on a whim, I instead asked the server at the deli counter, ‘What would you recommend?’

At first they were rather reluctant. Just as I, as a customer, am used to striding in and checking the menu board for my default sandwich, so the deli assistants are used to only having requests barked at them. Who cares what they think?

What would you recommend?

Which are you most proud of?

What is your favourite?

That day, instead of having a ham and cheese sandwich on brown bread, I had a Bacon and Brie Croissant.

(Which is essentially a ham and cheese sandwich at a different level)

What a revelation!

Coffee on the Bean - Pastrami smToday I received a Pastrami sandwich with Saurkraut.

Peppery and sweet. I sat in the park, on the edge of a wall, balancing my can of Pellegrino, while I watched the other office workers chatting and enjoying the summer sunshine on the grass.


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and I dare you to ask that waiter or waitress for their choice the next time you’re having a meal out.



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