Sketchcrawl breakfast

I could tell that there were new sketchcrawlers this morning.


Pride of the Peaks - Breakfast sm“It’ll go cold while you’re drawing it” – I was advised.

and yup!

It did go cold … but I did chow down as I drew.



So … outlines first …


IMG_6965Then I start to add colour (When I work live I tend to detail specific areas – so they can be locked and completed …. and eaten – please note – there is only one sausage left in these photos; once I’d drawn it in and shaded I ate:)


Continue to add texture (and continue to eat the sausages … 🙂


IMG_6968… and the toast (which barely appears on the drawing anyway) and the beans at the far right …


IMG_6969… and finished



3 Comments on “Sketchcrawl breakfast”

  1. dosirakbento says:

    I’m not keen on baked beans (it’s sausages, eggs and lots of bacon for me…) but it’s fun to see how you make your drawing.


  2. I have to admit – I don’t often have baked beans (especially when I know that I’m drawing my food) they’re so fiddly to draw!


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