Breakfast in Cyprus and fried eggs

This is an older food illustration – holidaying in Cyprus – sat outside on the verandah having breakfast.


Ah, Sunnyside up – my preferred serving of egg.

Now, I understand the phrase ‘Sunnyside up’ as opposed to ‘Sunnyside down’. But, I do prefer my fried to be runny too. How does that fit into the description?

‘Runny, Sunnyside up’?

‘Sunnyside up, soft’?

Trust me – there’s a fine art to the fried egg. Egg white cooked through and egg yolk still runny.

Perfect for that Bacon, Sausage and Egg sandwich; so the egg ‘pops’ as you bite into the sandwich and the yolk runs through and drips out. Leaving a yolk-y puddle to mop up. Yum!

True Story Time

When I was growing up my mum was always a rather impatient cook.

She would fry eggs on a hig heat, to get it over and done with as fast as possible; resulting in a fried egg that was both burnt and raw. At the same time! Burnt underneath and egg white still transparent on top.
Cafe Roxanne - Breakfast sm

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