Oh, Crumbs! A bit of a disaster

Biscuits A1 smI’ve been working on a spread about popular biscuits (And by popular, I mean generally popular in the United Kingdom)

I’ve thoroughly researched the topic – a quick five minute search on the internet brought up a top ten list of traditional british biscuits. So, I guess that will do as my extensive research.

Here I’ve started to illustrate;

Chocolate Chip Cookie



Custard Cream

Generally  I don’t tend to use pencil. I’ve only used it here to roughly mark in the biscuits because there are ten of them and I don’t want to run out of space at eight or nine.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is just about ready to start shading and hatching

Digestive biscuit is shading complete and ready for watercolour.

Bourbon is about halfway through shading.

The Custard Cream just has it’s broad outline (In 0.8). Ready for shading to start.

The problem started when I decided to hunt out a witty title for the page. I found the song “Bad Dog, No Biscuit” and with a nagging voice in the back of my mind I printed it out and copied it onto the page.

But …. it just seems such a negative comment for a page which is holding up biscuits as wonderful things. As soon as I’d copied the text onto the page I realised that it was wrong and so this piece has sat on the chair beside me for about a month and a half. Staring at me every time I sit at my desk.

I don’t really like to abandon drawings – I much prefer any errors and mistakes to be included in the drawing. Adding authenticity and realism to the drawing. A reaction against the  perfection of digital imagery, of which I feel there is too much in current media.

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