Weatherspoons – Deconstructing a burger

I must have looWeatherspoons - burger smked extremely odd eating this burger. Well, I didn’t so much eat the burger, as pull it apart and eat it.

First I pulled off the toasted bun lid (Is that the correct term, do you suppose?) and, holding it up in front of my face, drew it.

Then, I delicately pulled out the onion rings, which were in danger of coalescing with the rest of the burger and drew those.

Then the bacon, the burger bun, the salad and the bun base.

I normally feel pretty self-conscious drawing my meal on it’s plate, never mind pulling the meal apart and holding each piece for inspection.

I do love deconstructed drawings though and burgers do offer a variety of ingredients.

I tried to make it appear that the ingredients are tumbling into their bun.

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Thank you 🙂

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