Meze – Stuffed with stuffed vine leaves

Meze - lamb kebab smI’ve written before about classic dishes; those dishes that have stood the test of time …

Well, hats off to stuffed vine leaves, then. Around since Roman times and still delicious.

I’m particularly pleased with my stuffed vine leaves illustration here because I think I managed to capture the dark and the light well.

Hatching in the shadowed areas is one thing, but capturing the areas where the light catches is another.

Once I’ve drawn in the outline and added any other major internal lines, I start to shade in.

For shading I use various angles of hatching and cross hatching using a 0.1 fine liner. Occasionally I use a black biro for shading, as it can give a greater gradation of shading than a fine liner. BUT the biro is not light resistant, so I do use it sparingly and only for illustrations in sketchbooks.

Adding in the lighter areas is left until the end, when I add watercolour. Variations in the colour used adds further texture and carefully left spaces create the white/sunkissed spaces.

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