Brook’s – with Michelle Pfeiffer

Brooks - Pork Loin sm

I booked my table under the name Pfeiffer.

Whenever I book a table at a restaurant I always book under a different name than my own.

Purely to amuse myself I use names of film stars or people I admire. As long as I remember who I’m supposed to be …


Brook’s has crayons on each table and invites guests to draw and doodle on the paper tablecloths; allowing for grand romantic gestures and … er … doodling.

The food is divine; presentation and flavours are excellent.

But, being a fine dining experience usually – I felt unusually self conscious as I drew and ate. Other diners were here on special occasions with family, friends and loved ones, whilst I sat on my own.

At least the owner came over and admired my work – and brought me a glass of wine over whilst we chatted.



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