Hussain’s – the curry bistro and curry buffet

We often come to this local restaurant, which offers a fine range of Indian and Asian fusion dishes on it’s grand buffet downstairs.


Hussains - buffet smTricky to illustrate, though, due to the similar colour palette throughout. This necessitates concentrating on shading to create form. Trying to use variations in the paint depth to create form.

It’s certainly an interesting exercise in shape and tonal work.

And rice.

Don’t get me even started on rice!

Trying to illustrate each individual grain would be crazy (Now there’s a challenge!)

Here, I’ve drawn in some of the more prominent individual grains. Shaded in the main darker areas within the rice structure. I used paint to illustrate some more of the grains. Finally I use paint spatter over that area to add a small random element of paint to the rice structure.

I’m fairly happy with this result, but should have perhaps added further individual grains (I think I can see where I’m going with this!  I really don’t want to head down the path of feeling it necessary to draw each and every flippin’ grain!)


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