Lightwater Valley – Ultimate Burger

Hmm. Theme Parks – take or picnic or buy food in the park. Discuss.

Lightwater Valley - Ultimate Burger smIt’s always a risk, because there are some particularly dire cafes and restaurants in some theme parks. Well, they’ve got you over a barrel, for a start. Where else are you going to go? Out of the park, and leave all the fun behind? I don’t think so!

We had a fun day out a a little theme park called Lightwater Valley, in the north of England. Caroline, Lucy and I had fun on the rides – but we were going to risk it for lunch.

The main restaurant area, that we found, had the usual potatoes, pizzas and fish and chips. But, I’m afraid I fancied a burger, or at least wanted to look at the burger options ; which were elsewhere in the park.

So I had to wander up the path a little to get to The Conservatory where the burger restaurant was located.

Massive queue.

In a conservatory. In the heat.

But the burgers didn’t look half bad.

After queueing for a little time I picked THE ULTIMATE BURGER. And whilst it wasn’t particularly Ultimate, it was particularly tasty.

Now, I know that burgers are wrong in all kinds of ways … but … sometimes. It just has to happen.

And, hey! If your going to drift to the dark side, one at least needs to feel a little satisfied that it was a justifiable choice. At least in terms of the tastes and flavours.


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