More Magazine Work

Since February of this year I’ve been illustrating a second article for Camping and Caravanning Club magazine.
Up until this point I’ve just been doing illustrations of various different foods for the Eat Local article but this second article was rather more complicated/interesting.
The Pitch and Go article is a double spread near the beginning of the magazine and highlights coming attractions around the country of interest to club members.

O&A June 2013


I get sent a PDF of a mock-up using old illustrations and photos, which I can use to get a handle on where the text is to be placed. Sometimes some of the areas can be quite a tight fit, but it’s fun trying to figure out how to get the different elements to work together.

It’s always exciting getting the email with this PDF attached. I’ve been required to illustrate objects and events that I otherwise, perhaps, would not have considered tackling. There is some leeway from the magazine regarding what is illustrated, but I generally try to stick with what they request as it’s a good opportunity to flex my drawing skills to draw a dog or figures in various positions.

One issue that I try to stick to is that the drawings appear to be from about a 45 degree angle, as if the viewer is looking down onto the map from above.

The illustration is produced as a whole work each month, rather than individual elements being layered in Photoshop. This allows me to have the individual elements on the map somehow interacting with the map itself, whether it be bite-marks taken out or parts of the map being scrunched up.

Here is the original work that I sent to the magazine.

Feb02 sm

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