Thursday – breakfast

06 - Cafe Royal - Breakfast sm

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any more of my holiday meals from last October (A week in Cyprus, thank you very much 🙂 Where I drew every meal (apart from one!

So, here is the breakfast that I had on the Thursday.

Now, I don’t usually do breakfasts when I’m away on holiday. Wandering down to the Cade Royale for a bite to eat just didn’t do anything for me. I’d sit and stare at the other lucky vacationers, piling the plates with the usual breakfast suspects –  but the idea of eating at breakfast time just turns my stomach. Normally I’d be well up for something to eat; bacon, sausages, waffles. Yum! But for some reason, when I’m on holiday I just can’t face it. By this time (about five days into the holiday) I was managing to stomach more than just a cup of tea.

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