Sketchcrawl at Leeds Armouries

On Saturday – After a little bit of a mix up with a train (I do so enjoy riding on trains, but they are so frightfully expensive!) I eventually arrived at the Leeds Royal Armouries museum.

After checking in with Lynne I headed off to the small arms cabinets where I quickly bagged myself a couple of snazzy-looking  weapons.

Revolver sm

As I’d walked through the museum it was clear that there was a western-themed day going ahead. I drew these two weapons on either side of a full page spread, indending on filling in a western scene inbetween at some point during the day … but I ended up leaving the centre of the page blank as I got distracted by the other cool exhibits.

Tomahawk sm

Now, I do tend to stick in my drawing rut (Don’t we all!) So, I decided to break out a bit. A decided that the sketchcrawl venue is not the place to labour on a single piece of drawing.

I tackled this grand elephant in it’s armour next; initially slopping down a Payne’s grey colour wash and then Noodler’s Ink-ing over the top. I tried to work quite quickly on this piece.

Elephant sm

For my next piece I used a finer point (0.05) than I usually do. I also tried to keep the pen moving at all times; trying to capture shapes with a mess of scribble, rather than my usual difinitive lines. Oh, and quite macr, instead of my usual obsession with smaller stuff.

War room sm

I drew this sarcophagus of Henry V next. Initially I tried to use just coloured pencils and then watered them down. But I felt that there wasn’t enough definition, so I used the fineliner pen again to add a handful of lines.

Agincourt sm

There was a video re-enactment of the events leading up to the defeat of the French at Agincourt above this sarcophagus and I was really enjoying listening/glancing at it. So I stuck around to add a few extra bits and bobs (None of which are period pieces to Agincourt, I hasten to add – please don’t write in!) The spurs and the swords are from a display case beside the sarcophagus from a hundred years earlier and the helmet. Oh, the helmet! I hunted round the museum for a helmet like the ones portrayed on the re-enactment video. I thought I’d found one and quickly sketched it in at the space at the top of my page. Then I glanced a bit closer at the label; only to discover it was an Italian helmet! Grrrr! Ah, well. Maybe there were a few holidaying Italian soldiers travelling back from England at the time. Or maybe bounty hunters, or mercenaries. Or maybe someone might have borrowed a helmet from an Italian cousin, or something :/ Anything is possible, you know!

We all had a great time; there being so many interesting things to draw. (I and I didn’t even draw a single morsel of food!)

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