Kings – A new Chinese buffet restaurant

Kings - buffet sm

One of our favourite places to eat out at in Huddersfeield was Jumbo’s Chinese Buffet. I think it was because when Lucy was quite little she was rather partial to prawn toast (or crawn toast as she called it then). It meant that Caroline and I could have a relatively good meal out and feed Lucy up too. I hasten to add that she did eat other things too!

But Jumbo’s closed down several months ago.

Just imagine our delight to discover that another Chinese Buffet had opened to fill it’s gap.

It didn’t disappoint 🙂


I didn’t scoff my way through piles and piles of buffet to achieve my drawing; instead I have to report that I just had lots of VERY small portions of dishes! Okay, I’ll come clean! I had a larger serving of the Satay Chicken, but only because it was really tasty and I wanted some more … and it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

2 Comments on “Kings – A new Chinese buffet restaurant”

  1. Love your food sketches


  2. andmorefood says:

    hi! I just nominated you for a liebster award (that celebrates small blogs) because I love the work you do and your illustrations!

    there are more details here on my blog about what the award entails:


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