The Venue – One last slice of Christmas

The Venue - Christmas smOr, to be more precise, A first slice of Christmas.

I drew this at the staff Christmas party. End of the term; when I had the whole of the Christmas and New Year expectations and celebrations to look forward to.

The Venue is a huge party venue (!) catering for hundreds. So, it did feel a little like we were being hurried along with our food.

The starters I’m afraid I really couldn’t do justice to; there was so much!

For the main course we had a choice, on the evening, no less. It was struggle to get my order in, as I was distracted colouring in my starters! So I ended up being served later than the others on my table.

Cheese and biscuits they could not prepare for me. So I had to have one of the set puddings. Not being a pudding fan I couldn’t really comment on it. And I spent so long s=drawing and painting it that the dance floor had set on fire and I just had to leave to join in the 60’s and 70’s medleys.

(It was great tearing up the dance floor to Gangnam Style)

PS. – What I thought at the time was a fruity sauce – was, in fact, a rum sauce.

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