Baxter’s Sandwich Shop – Christmas Lunch in a Sandwich!

Baxters - Christmas Sandwich sm

The sandwich shop closest to where I work has been serving these little beauties for the past three weeks, or so. How could I possibly resist?!

Now, I realise that this isn’t the most inspiring foody drawing I’ve done; but it’s certainly one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in a long while. Let’s just have a run through those ingredient, shall we?

– Turkey or chicken

– Bacon

– Sausage; sliced in half and cooked as a butterfly

– Stuffing

– Cranberry sauce

and, quite possibly, the deal clincher …

– Gravy

All it needed was a paper hat and a crumby joke to top off the effect.

I added Prawn Cocktail crisps as a starter. Well, it is Christmas!

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