Every Day in May

I’m trying to keep up to the Every Day in May project/game over on flickr. Each day there is a different drawing/painting/sketching subject to produce.

Now, me being me I truly want to upload the images in the correct order.

So, above we have the image for the first of May; a landscape.

The view from a pigsty we once stayed in. No, really! It was an actual pigsty!. Admittedly it was a rather bespoke pigsty from the eighteenth century which had been built at the whim of a particular yorkshire landowner; this pigsty had roman columns and a stunning view. Now it has been turned into a rather quaint guesthouse. (I shall endeavour to draw a view of the actual pigsty itself at some point) I don’t tend to work from photographs but …. there’s been so much rain in the cold and rugged north of England that I’ve had to succumb.

The image for the second of May should be something connected with a New Year’s resolution. I haven’t managed to get this completed yet! I knew what I wanted to do and also how I wanted to do it, but it has proved to be a slightly longer job than I anticipated. I’ve already completed the other images, so effectively I am up to date … apart from the picture from the 2nd.

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