Happy Easter

We don’t really go crazy for chocolate eggs at our house; even Lucy’s not that bothered (I think she opened a chocolate egg some time mid-afternoon because she wanted to to try a piece of chocolate)

Any idea what we can do with the chocolate eggs?

Meanwhile …. we DO all go crazy for toasted Hot Cross Buns!

4 Comments on “Happy Easter”

  1. pete scully says:

    Nice! We don’t get the nice chocolate easter eggs here in california, and the hot cross buns were just not right, too big and cakey, can’t put them in the toaster, with a yellow gooey cross. Tasted ok, but not quite right. Now what you have, that is a hot cross bun. I do miss easter in england!


  2. Thanks Pete. A life without hot cross buns! Do they at least have currant teacakes!?


  3. pete scully says:

    Hah, no! Nothing good like that here. They have other stuff which is good, donuts and what-not, but no lovely currant teacakes. I used to work at the asda coffee shop years ago & loved those. Think i’ll get some when i’m back.


  4. kpadhnan says:

    thank for following my blog…keep in touch


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