Mother’s Day Gift Bag

This week my class has been busy making Mother’s Day Gift Bags as part of a school Enterprise Project.

We thought it would be fun to try to produce something connected with a public event and, after a little research into various gift ideas, we developed our Mother’s Day gift bag.

A little Organza bag filled with fourteen heartwarming trinkets;

Seeds— For watching me grow.

Flowers—If you were a flower I’d pick you.

Jigsaw piece—You are an important piece of my life.

Safety pin—For always keeping me safe.

Tissue—For always wiping my tears away.

Glitter—For your sparkle.

Peg—For keeping things together.

Penny—A penny for your thoughts.

Teabag—Now you’ve looked after me you can relax.

Lovehearts—For loving me

Knotted string—For always remembering things.

Candle—For lighting the candle on my birthday.

Sweet—You are sweet.

Marble—In case you lose yours.

We began our project by spending our initial capital on making a single product; this was used to show to potential customers last week.

From Monday to Wednesday we took orders; this helped us to guage how many resources we needed to purchase to produce our gift bags. Order Forms were arranged by class, with columns for Number required and whether the customer had paid or not.

On Thursday we produced 116 Gift bags, using Henry Ford’s production line model, and began to ship them out to our customers.

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