Custard Cream

The Custard Cream. Well … er… I … have to admit … I’m not really keen on this biscuit.(Yes, I know I’ve just started with a deep favourite, but …) I do, however, love the fact that ALL custard cream’s are decorated with the weird swirly patterns (I think they’re supposed to be ferns). They’re clearly been around for ages. and have stood the test of time. Which I have to tip my hat to… Well done, custard cream.

2 Comments on “Custard Cream”

  1. Tom Midgley says:

    Biscuits & Midgley – what a strange coincidence (see notesFromABiscuitTin dot com)


  2. Oooh! Maybe I ought to crack on with the other biscuits in Mary’s biscuit tin 🙂


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