Sunday morning service

Converted from an old chapel this building is now used for another kind of worship.

My initial drawing of this public house was interrupted…

… it was early one Sunday morning. I was positioned in the sheltered car park opposite the grand facade. The bells for church had only just finished peeling, in fact, when I heard several drunken ‘blokes’ staggering down the street … coming in my direction.

Two passed by, and as they passed turned back to another fellow to shout ‘Hey, Andy, he’s drawing you!’

A few second passed when ‘Andy’ came into view… stopped right in front of me, about two feet away… and dropped his trousers and pants!

And stood there swaying … in the breeze.

He stood there for a few moments, then pulled his clothes back up and staggered off!

(Of course I would have drawn Andy and his ‘tackle’ … but I didn’t have a small enough pen!)

2 Comments on “Sunday morning service”

  1. pete scully says:

    That’s an excellent drawing. And what a story!


  2. Thanks Pete. 🙂 It made realise how vulnerable we can be when we’re out sketching. This was one of my earliest warping walls drawings; I’ve been told that this is what the pub looks like when you leave at the end of a drinking session!


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