Still stewing

Ah, inspiration! 5% perspiration and 95% inspiration, or something like that, I think! Any way – this illustration has been hidden away in Book 18 since the beginning of November last year. It was the first illustration that I submitted to ‘Camping and Caravanning Magazine’ for their Eat Local article.

This article, which was in the January issue, was about camping sites selling locally produced veggies and Ali Ray, the author, included this recipe for a Vegetable and Sausage Stew.

Sketching out the recipe made me realise; most recipes don’t need a lot of writing’ All I want a recipe to tell me are the ingredients and the order that they are added (Okay, maybe a few more bits of information as well!)

The magazine only used a handful of the elements I submitted, but it set me off on my current fad of recipe drawing.

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